The Pilgrim's Path Mission Statement

Our goal is to find a suitable traverse across the Orion Spur Shallows beyond NGC 3199

From there we will form the 'Pilgrim's Path' along the outer edge of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm and look for a traverse across the gulf of space towards the rimward Perseus Arm, as far away from NGC 3199 as possible.

It is for going 'beyond'. For the exploration endeavor alone, not for locating the next best settler's home or the mining corp's next lucrative land grab.

We commemorate those who went before us and encourage those who follow.

The mission was declared a success on November 14, 3301 AD after having visited nearly 3,000 solar systems over a span of four and a half months and some 73,000 light years.

You can see the entire route and its major waypoints and findings here:

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