The Distant Worlds Mission Statement

Our goals on this expedition are as follows:

We will travel out to the far galactic rim and explore the worlds at as many key sites along the way - culminating with extensive SRV excursions of the airless planets at Beagle Point and the local surrounding systems.

While en route it is the expeditions's goal to name the worlds that are explored throughout this journey, including the naming of interesting and distinct surface features - like canyons, mountain ranges, gigantic impact craters etc.

Once complete, the expedition will leave the far galactic rim, cross back over the Abyss, and rendezvous at a designated point on the edge of the Scutum-Centaurus arm. From there it will be decided by all members whether to follow the Centaurus rim 'southeast' and into the Silentium regions, or follow it 'west' and into the uncharted regions of the Abyssal Plain, one of the most remote regions of the galaxy. The purpose of this tertiary mission is to gather data on points of interest for the Galactic Mapping Project.  

As before we undertake this endeavor in the name of science and knowledge. May our determination never falter and the winds be on our backs!

My personal progression is as follows:

Last updated Jan 16th, 3302 AD

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