The AGS Intrepid

The AGS Intrepid of 3301 AD was originally comissioned in 3263 AD as an Asp Mk II ship for the Alliance Navy’s Scouting and Explorations Wing (SEW). The SEW christened the ship as the Alliance Navy Ship (ANS) Mizar II. Much of its early service record is classified but bar talks in navy circles mention her in the SEW’s “Long Arm Expedition”, the “Lushertha Uprising” of 3278 AD and the “Falter’s Bridge” Interdiction Campaign in 3284 AD.

After a long and proud history of service Navy Command ordered the Mizar II to be mustered out in 2998 AD. The order was later postponed and the ship was handed over to the Alliance Affiliation Partnership, an organisation sponsored by the military, selling disarmed spaceships to allied or affiliated factions throughout Alliance space. In 03/3301 AD the Partnership struck a deal with the Alioth Independents Movement for the sale of 13 former Alliance vessels, the Mizar II being among them. In preparation, she was subsequently stripped and retrofitted to a civilian Asp Explorer-class spaceship.

However, the ship was excluded from the contract later and handed over to former Federation Navy Logistics Officer Andrew Gaspurr (who had been discharged from Federation Navy Service earlier). In turn, Gaspurr provided the Partnership with a Cobra Mk III-class vessel of unknown (but allegedly profound) specifications. It is unclear why and how the Partnership made this deal but Gaspurr also received an Alioth System Permit from the Alliance Administrations Bureau mere two weeks later, suggesting it was just part of an even bigger bigger deal.

Gaspurr wanted to use the Mizar II as an exploration vessel and modified it accordingly and heavily. The mid-class FSD was replaced by a StellarDrives A-5 model experimental FSD with a prototype Lithium injectior for extended range. Two hardpoint compartments were refitted with an OmniSys A-4 fuel scoop and additional sensor equipment, including a Hyperion Systems Advanced Discovery Scanner Suite with enhanced imaging systems, inbuilt spectroscopic and high-definition surface scanners plus an attached autolab for on-board scientific analysis. Thus equipped, Gaspurr renamed the Mizar II to AGS Intrepid (AGS being short for Andrew Gaspurr’s Ship), afforded her a green Apollo paintjob and set off exploring various deep sky objects in the galactic neighbourhood. So far, Gaspurr and the AGS Intrepid have been linked to missions to the Pleiades and the California Nebula, Sadr Region and NGC 7822, the 'Explorer's Graveyard' of HIP 63835 and lately to the Pilgrim's Path Mission to Eta Carina, NGC 3199 and beyond.

Gaspurr returned from Deep Space in a somewhat battered AGS Intrepid on November 14th, 3301 AD and called port at Irkutsk in the Alioth system, the place he sett off from nearly five and a half months before. The Intrepid is currently undergoing maintenance and retrofitting, while Gaspurr is finishing his latest reports for the Explorers Association's famous Galaxy Mapping Project. The Pilots Federation awarded Andrew Gaspurr the rank of Pioneer and the Pilgrim's Path Mission was declared a success.

What follows are some images of archived visual material:

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